Zillow now offers instant booking for rental property tours, similar to Calendly

Zillow, an online real estate database, now allows prospective tenants to book viewings of available properties immediately. Users can now schedule a personal viewing at a convenient time without first getting in touch with an agent or property manager.

Up until now, viewing a rental property required either using the platform’s virtual tour or contacting the property manager directly to arrange a visit, both of which were time-consuming and inconvenient options. The appointment scheduling process is now instantaneous, much like the popular meeting scheduling app Calendly.

The company claims that 2,600 different vacation rentals offer instant tour booking, and that number continues to grow. The real estate technology company has announced that it is planning to implement a feature that will let customers schedule a tour of a property and specify whether they would like a live guide, audio tour, or self-guided tour.

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Zillow found that 71% of users viewed an average of 4.0 properties before making a rental decision. Therefore, the platform reasons, it is worthwhile to facilitate the scheduling procedure by removing the middleman, such as an agent. Michael Sherman, vice president of Zillow Rentals, said in a written statement, “Touring is a major milestone in the journey of finding a rental, and it’s due for innovation.”

Making it possible for prospective tenants to instantly schedule a viewing of a property eliminates friction and improves efficiency for both tenants and landlords. Renters can stop stressing about when they’ll be able to see a property and instead focus on what they’re really looking for: the perfect place to live. Meanwhile, property managers regain valuable time that they can put toward other endeavours. The Zillow Offer advisory team, along with sales and back-end employees at Zillow Home Loans and Zillow Closing Services, were among the 300 employees let go in October.

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