What I Consider to Be the Six Most Crucial Parts of My Current Daily Routine

1. Maintaining a regular exercise routine

1. Maintaining a regular exercise routine

Exercising on a regular basis has been instrumental in helping me feel like my best self. My primary focus right now is on increasing my daily step count rather than committing to any particularly strenuous forms of exercise (my goal is at least 8,000 steps and ideally more than 10,000). In my experience, the majority of this type of activity consists of things like taking the dog for a stroll and tending to the garden.

2. Using ice water for showers

This is a brand-new practise for me, but I can already feel the positive effects on my body and mind. I like to take a cold shower after I’ve worked out (or right before bed if I’m feeling particularly anxious). Before getting in, I lowered the thermostat to its coldest setting and ran the water for several minutes. (Don’t feel obligated to turn the shower on with ice water just because I did. In this article, you’ll learn more about staying safe and determining the ideal temperature for your needs. Although the benefits of cold exposure are said to kick in after a few minutes, I’ve used that time to wash my hair instead of sitting still and focusing on my breathing. After a few minutes, I plan to raise the thermostat again before lowering it once more. Because of this, I now have more stamina and am less bothered by mental fogginess and mild anxiety when going about my regular routine.

3. Refocusing my attention on the current task at hand

When I’m at work or trying to get things done around the house, I often find myself daydreaming about something else. Whereas before I would have simply given in, I now have a method for resisting this diversionary urge. I put off doing what I really want to do because I keep telling myself that I have to finish something else first. This seemingly insignificant practise is actually a form of self-care that I hope to extend to my future self.

4. Regarding my physical health as the primary concern

For me, it’s crucial to take time out of the day for physical practises like a five-minute body scan or meditation whenever I feel the need. By performing these actions on a regular basis, I am able to gauge my overall health and well-being. They prod me in the direction of equilibrium. Moreover, I am usually able to squeeze them in, even on extremely hectic days, because they only take a few minutes.

5. Clean up before bed

5. Clean up before bed

Every night before I turn in, I clean up the kitchen and our bedroom. By putting things where they belong, I can relax before bed and get a fresh start in the morning.

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6. Settle down with a calming nighttime ritual

Right now, keeping my regular bedtime is my top priority because it helps me feel good even when things get hectic. Currently, the only thing that helps me relax before bed is participating in The New York Times Spelling Bee (I do wear my glasses with blue light protection when on my phone in bed). Each night, I aim to get to bed by 9:00 in order to read and complete the Spelling Bee, and to sleep until no later than 10:30.

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