A coalition of Ipswich’s business community has launched a fresh bid for city status

It has been announced that a new campaign for Ipswich to be recognised as a city by the state’s legislature has begun. Since deciding “it’s time for an upgrade,” Ipswich Central has been working on an involvement project. The municipality originally planned to apply for city status in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but later changed its mind. To be ready for the next round of city bids, the group said the project was all about “gathering evidence” to present to the local council.

No new contests for city status have been announced.

To date, England has 55 cities. If the petition is successful, Ipswich will be Suffolk’s first incorporated municipality. Ipswich Member of Parliament Tom Hunt raised objections during the previous city bid in 2021, claiming that his constituents did not favour it.

Sophie Alexander-Parker, CEO of Ipswich Central, said that residents from all over the city should have a voice in the engagement project. She explained that the next step was to compile evidence, construct a story, and make a case for city status.

The constituency of Ipswich Central “fully supports Ipswich Borough Council in submitting a bid if and when the time comes again,” she said. In a letter to the council’s head, the group expresses its enthusiasm for an ongoing proposal.

Ms. Alexander-Parker remarked that Ipswich has “so much to put on show” and is a great place for people, tourists, and businesses alike. She remarked, “We must capitalise on Ipswich as the centre of Suffolk and the East of England, as this is where digital and other skills are nurtured.”

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Dr. Dan Poulter, the member of parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, expressed his “full support” for the campaign in an interview with the BBC. Ipswich Borough Council’s official position is that the town “deserves to be a city,” as one of its members put it.

We are larger and have better amenities than many cities that were once small towns, and Suffolk is becoming one of the rare counties without a city, they said. Ipswich Central’s “efforts to promote the benefits of city status” were praised by the authority, which expressed its hope that they would foster support for a potential city bid in the future.

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